Terms of service contract

All uses of 92 Agents services are imperiled to the terms of this legal contract between you 92 Agent. It is noticeable that 92 Agent offers services to you the ‘user’ acclimatized on your commitment to observe the ensuing terms and conditions deprived of modification of any kind. Your recordkeeping with 92 Agents coupled with the use of 92 Agents services encompasses your contract to these terms and conditions. It is crucial to note that these terms are entitled to change at any given time, even without any scheduled earlier notice. Therefore you are responsible for rereading these terms of service on a regular basis.

In consideration to 92 Agents services, this contract is very crucial in the quintessence that it offers you the warranty by 92 Agent mainly to allow you possess restricted permission to visit as well as use the 92 Agent website in regards to these terms and conditions of the contract. Any time you visit or use 92 Agents services institutes new restricted permission and re-affirmation of the terms and conditions integrating any superseding changes.

Moreover, all additional contracts flanked by you and 92 Agents will be directed to the requirements of this Terms and conditions contract. Nevertheless, you may not custom the provision or settle to the Terms and conditions or custom any of 92 Agent services or arrive into the somewhat legal agreement by 92 Agents if in any case, you are not of the legitimate era or skilled of developing an obligatory deal.

92 Agents permit its customers to identify and examine proposals mainly from individual third party real estate brokers. The esteemed users accept to provide 92 Agents with data primarily concerning them together with the property they would wish to transact. 92 Agents, therefore, use this information to just within itself and only provide some other details to the third party under a legitimate contract and for the case of transaction requirements. However, restrictions are made to the kind of information disclosed to such third parties. The third parties as well happen to be legitimate members 92 Agents and assist in the transaction of all types of real estate agent connections.

On the other hand, users are as well mandated to accept before their information is disclosed to the third parties mainly denoted by 92 Agents. The latter agent, most of the time, uses email to dispense information to its prospective customers. Therefore, this makes it a necessary evil for the users to ensure that they accept to receive emails from the agent. The users as well are required to agree to receive the call as well as texts from 92 Agent as long as they are using the services. However, this is not a restriction; one can decline from receiving texts, calls or even emails and continues enjoying 92 Agents services.

Most often than not, 92 Agents refers real estate brokers to the users. This statement should be understood; this doesn’t mean that 92 Agent engrosses in the broker services, Not at all! The broker services are implemented by the residential real estate agents who have been referred by 92 Agents. The terms of any contract between the broker and users are usually not sanctioned, acclaimed or otherwise recognized by 92 Agents.

92 Agents may accept payment not limited to transfer fee that is a given percentage of the commission time-honored by the real estate brokers intricate in the real estate business. The latter’s agent payment is due founded on the terms and conditions of 92 Agents Referral contract. As long as you subscribe to 92 Agents, you automatically recognize and accept the fee provisions.

92 Agents provide promotional prospects to eligible users to enticement the use of its services within a specific duration. These prospects may be attributed to concessions, refunds, and gift certificates, spurs that are only legible to users who prefer using 92 Agent affiliate real estate brokers to vend or purchase a home. The eligibility of the users for a specific preferment is outlined in the terms and conditions of every promotion. Note that it’s not a mandatory deal for every user to be eligible to receive the promotional prospects.

To acknowledge the importance of 92 Agents services, the users are required to accept that all the data they have delivered to 92 Agents regardless of the platform provided is precise and complete.92 Agents possess the privileges to dismiss or append your access to any user’s data suspected to be imprecise or confusing. At any given point it may be required of you by the terms and conditions of 92 Agents to authorize the latter agent to presumptuous your data to its links of real estate brokers.

To culminate on this, it is of great importance to note that 92 Agents is a certified real estate Agent based in the USA, but don’t conduct broker real estate deals. 92 Agents do not act as real estate broker for any user but offer a platform in which the brokers, sellers, and buyers can meet and conduct their transactions, and the agent only comes in to assist in ensuring an excellent and fair operation of course at some stipulated fees.

Responsibilities of Home purchasers/ Vendors Listed with 92 Agents

Through your accomplishment of recordkeeping with 92 Agents as a prospective vendor or purchaser, you at this moment accept that:

  • You are of legitimate age and that you have all it takes to enter into a lawfully binding agreement
  • You have the interest of vending or purchasing property sited in the United States of America
  • 92 Agents may ask ( and you promptly accept to provide), collect, facsimile and appraise your real chattels business and payment IDs besides you settle to reply to appeals for apprises concerning any dealings with a real estate broker presented by 92 Agents
  • You don’t possess any other votive or other appointments with any other real estate broker.
  • You denote that you are not a certified real estate agent or broker.
  • You are in consent to be reached through email or any other means which may be deemed best by 92 Agents as well as the third parties to provide the services you have asked.
  • As a vendor, you are not guaranteed to agree to any of the offers acquiesced and that you concur that proposals are not obligatory suggestions thus are not purposed to form a contractual or any other connections between you and the real estate agent.

Transfer fee

As long as you decide to sign up and acquiesces proposals on 92 Agents, you automatically agree to pay referral charges as outlined in the terms and conditions of 92 Agents Referral Agreement. There may arise scenarios where the broker declines to pay the referral charges, and in that case, the certified real estate agent will be responsible for the whole referral fee as well as any other collection charges.

Amendment of 92 Agents Services

92 Agent possesses the privileges to amend or suspend at any given time the services or any other activity to a user. The Agent reserves the opportunities to change all these operations with or without any poster to the user. After the posting of the modification terms, any unremitting use of the website or any other services shall institute your acceptance to be guaranteed by the amendments. 92 Agents shall not in any way be accountable for any damages worth compensation for the users or third parties right after the modifications is initiated.

Use of third-party amenities

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Vehicula sem ut volutpat

You recognize and accept that the real estate brokers who appears in 92 Agent’s platform or who at times are referred by 92 Agent are all not employed by the latter agent. 92 agents are therefore not accountable in one way or the other for the behavior or blunder created by these parties. Users may have noticed that 92 Agents website contains some external links that are mainly managed by the third parties. When you click on the link, you will be directed to an external page. The primary motive of 92 Agents permitting these links into the website is mere to convenience and provide the reference to the users, more of that is repudiated. 92 Agents do not have any authority or even access to those sites. The authorization of the links to 92 Agents’ website does not in any way infer any countersignature of the services or the operation of the website.

Google Analytics

Our site makes good use of Google analytics which is merely a web analytics package delivered by Google. On the other hand, google analytics customs ‘ cookies’ which are some text files located on your computer with the purpose of ensuring the website scrutinize how the users operate on the site. Google may as well transfer the information to the third party with granted permission and reference to the law. Through the use of this website, you agree to the dispensation of data about yourself by the google in the way and reasons developed above.

Web scrapping registration, as well as property data, is forbidden

Creeping 92 Agents website along with other network sites are only permitted in the web search engine. We scrapping, web crawling of any chattel or any additional information is strictly outlawed.


Links allowed in 92 Agents website are only provided for the benefits of the user. The links may be channeled to the third party gratified as well as other sites. With all these information it is presented that 92 Agents possess no authority beside or any other control over the places.


You permit 92 Agents to use your name, image and the like in making adverts and connections with the certified rights for the materials. However, this must be made in writing and signed by 92 Agents to allow them to send your uploaded details to the third parties and their affiliates.

Interactive Areas

92 Agents may offer some stuff on the website to ensure the interaction of legally bounded users. This stuff may include but limited to blogs, Question, and answers along with other forums. You should never indicate any data in your posting that restricts other parties from viewing or using.

92 Agents rights

Undoubtedly, the volume of materials posted at a time in 92 agents website large and with that the latter agent does not follow all the articles you or a third party post or transmit. You explicitly accept that 92 Agents shall not be accountable for:

  • For materials
  • Reserves the privilege to modify, decline, erase, remove or even edit articles at any given time without any obligation or notice.

Illustration and Warranties

Illustration and Warranties

  • You possess all the authority, privileges and consent to provide the materials and warranty the permission outlined in these expressions
  • The elements are precise, present and comprehensive
  • The documents together with your use of the website shall not trespass other people’s rights
  • The materials coupled with your usage of the site shall not violate the laws.
  • Your website usage shall not infringe the contracts between you and the third parties.


You accept to indemnify 92 Agents together with its employees not forgetting its affiliates regardless of the claims being based on guarantee breach, tort claim, contract or any other. We are not accountable for any damage resulting from performance failure, service failure among others.

Prohibited Activities

Below are some of the types of information that are not permitted on or by the website:

  • Acquiescing offensive materials to the online community
  • Engaging in activities or merely submitting substances that are harmful to the minors
  • Engaging or acquiescing materials that promoters harassments of the other individual participating if focuses on the transfer of ‘junk mail.’
  • Promotion of false information or even getting linked to the act
  • Posting of data that contains constrained passwords only admittance pages
  • Submitting materials that include pornographic or sexual overt content of all sorts
  • Engaging in an authorized deal
  • Use of robots or any other automotive mechanism for any other unauthorized activity by 92Agents
  • Use of any software or devise to malfunction the site


92 Agents possess the right to suspend or stop the membership of any user who breaches the terms and conditions without any notice

Equal Housing Opportunity

Our primary motive is to ensure that we provide an equal opportunity to the US residents throughout the state. What we advocate for is an assenting promotion and marketing program where there are no restrictions or stumbling blocks in obtaining a house for the discriminations of race, color, religion, nationality among others.

Copyright and brand notice

92 Agents website is a listed trademark of 92 Agents. Other goods and company names may be a skill or provision marks merely for their owners.

Terms and conditions for Real estate 92 Agents

92 Agents offer ‘Real estate agent’ services to you habituated on your acceptance to observe the terms and conditions without the amendment of any kind. Your subscription to 92 Agent institutes your acceptance of the terms and conditions.


You may choose to use 92 Agents’ photography service mainly to improve your magazine elegance profile, and by that, you acknowledge that 92 Agents possess all the privileges, title as well as interest primarily in ensuing images as the effort for leasing under our agreements with our photographers Rental fees and Obligations for Real estate Agents 92 Agents offer provisional targets to the real estate brokers. To enjoy these services, real estate brokers must precisely complete the listing for the service wishing to enjoy thus accepts the terms and condition of our agent.

Service level contract

This is aimed at ensuring service standards. Real Estate agents follow up on referrals to ensure good partnership reputations. The real estate broker in 8 hours respond to each reference or informs 92 Agents within that time frame if they are unable to meet.

Disclaimer and Disadvantages on the liability

You explicitly understand and accept that 92 Agents offers amenities by an ‘As-Is' as well as ‘As-Available basis.'

The data given by the service is considered right but 92 Agents cannot warrantee its efficiency

Online Registration

92 Agents offer a serene environment for the users to upload their information into the website. However, no guaranty is provided for the exposure or exhibition of such data as there are legal operations that permit the presentation of some restricted user’s data.

Errors and Exhibitions

92 Agents are not in any way accountable for any mistake displayed in answering method or referral caused by errors such as incorrect emails or other contacts provided or maybe resulting from other technical hurdles beyond our authority.

Dispute Resolution Methods

Some of the disputes arising from Website use that 92 Agents are obligated to solve includes but not limited to arbitration disputes along with other simple misunderstandings that occur between the users of the website.

Public Records

This encompasses data that are trustworthy but cannot be warranted.