Information We Collect and How We Can Use It

What data details do we collect and how do we use them?

Vending or purchasing a home presently necessitates skills and know-how. We collect information from buyers and sellers merely to assist those who are shipwrecked in getting their homes as well as selling homes. To facilitate this marvelous assistance, we acquire the contact data for both shipwrecked buyers as well as sellers and makes the next step to sign a corporeal contract and moves on with the promotion to achieve the best sale for the seller's property as well as getting a dream home for buyers.

Vending or purchasing a home presently necessitates skills and know-how. We collect information from buyers and sellers merely to assist those who are shipwrecked in getting their homes as well as selling homes. To facilitate this marvelous assistance, we acquire the contact data for both shipwrecked buyers as well as sellers and makes the next step to sign a corporeal contract and moves on with the promotion to achieve the best sale for the seller's property as well as getting a dream home for buyers.

We ruck information primarily from either the sellers or buyers dashboard. These letters dashboard contain information about what best suits them among other crucial items. Immediately after gathering all these information our prominent personnel broadcasts these post to agents. On the other hand, the agents after receiving these posts will promptly react to the posts by either asking questions or even answer questions primarily raised by the sellers or buyers.

The long journey doesn't end there; our primary motive is to ensure that our prospective buyers and sellers acquire what they need. We, therefore, bring answers and questions by the agents back to the sellers and buyers. It's consequently conspicuous that our primary task is to link individuals in the real estate market in a bid to find the full realization of their dreams. From these questions and answers brought back to the sellers and buyers, the latter group gives their rating on the contributions by the agents mainly in answering of their problems and for general communication or inquiries.

We, therefore, use these ratings by our prospective sellers and buyers coupled with the agents' experience in vending and purchasing properties to physique the agent's qualification. With our influence in evaluating the best agent for either the seller or the buyer, the latter has a vast platform to liken the best competent agent to exemplify them.

The kind of information that we collect

  • Names
  • Physical addresses
  • Mobile/telephone numbers
  • Email address
  • Real estate or Agent permit numbers as well as MLS numbers
  • Credit Card Data ( Where applicable)
  • Any other individual perceptible data that you affirmatively give us.

Tracking Technologies

To track your usage of our website, we may opt to use some quality internet skills such as for beacons and other like know-how. As a matter of promoting our email messaging services as well as newsletters, we may embrace web beacons to determine whether messages have been seen, opened and even replied. These kinds of information empower us to institutionalize the quality of services we transact to our website guests to provide the aimed publications as well as measure the general accuracy of our online services.

Social Network and platform integration as well as the third party connections

All the links provided on our website are purposefully established to experience the user. These connections may be rapt to the third party gratified. Therefore it is crystal clear that 92 Agents possess no authority over something dispatched at the target end sites. Consequently, we neither ratify nor encourage the gratification gotten after connecting a link that directs the user to an external site, (third party website).

Information third Party provide you

More often than not, we do allow third parties including but limited to authenticated package providers, publicizing companies, IAC companies as well as ad networks to exhibit publications on our website. These companies at times use tracking skills such as cookies to gather information about users who with time view our publications. Our website does not provide any individual information about these third parties. The information they collect enable them to deliver aimed publications and probably compare their usefulness. They may get information such as your behavior just to help them with the data on behavioral writing.

Third Party Analytics Providers, Ad Servers, as well as the ad network

Some of the publication in the website are conducted by the third parties, ad network, ad servers, and analytics providers. They may use cookies only or in combination with other web beacons or even some other tracking skills to gather data from the website users. In case you possess a question in regards to a particular advert, directly contact the publisher.

Opting out of Behavioral Advertising

You can as well opt-out by emailing us, texting or calling us through our contact email or via our telephone number +91 999999999 indicating precisely your petition for instance when you don't want your contact information to be cast-off by the company or a third party in product promotion. In case we have emailed you, and that is not your wish as well, you can opt out to email us back so that we seize any future email directed to you. Note that this opts out service does not relate to instances of buying a product, guaranteeing registration as well as the experience of any product service or any other dealing.

Browser opt out

You can establish your browser to decline partial or all browser cookies. Similarly, you can build your browser to notify you when the cookies are sent. Note that disabling or rejecting cookies on your browser may result in the default of the site of malfunctioning of the site. To explore your flash cookies setup then check the flash player setup page located on the Adobe's website.

How we respond to ‘Do Not Track' Signals

You may decline or erase the signals merely by changing your browser setup. Similarly, you can click on ‘Help' located right in the toolbar for more directions however this may as well malfunction the working of some features at our website.

Who is collecting this information?

Through your continued use of our website as well as its features, we collect the users' information. For instance, a good number of information is collected in regards to the user's transactions, registration and even at times when we provide you with information or any service.

The other way we collect this information is through our affiliates. However, this privacy policy is only applicable to online data collection. Through our subsidiaries we merge information about yourself though, we take great care especially in the case where the same information about yourself is gathered from our website as well as other sources. In this case, 92 Agents will have to single out in its individual preference to treat the given information regarding our privacy and policy merely to provide conditions that least confine our use or the leak of such data.

Just like any other website, in the course of using our website, you may be directed to another external site which is for sure past our control. This may result from a direction to click on a hyperlink that leads you outside our website. Typically, the third party has policies that are dissimilar to ours. Therefore, we are not answerable to any action accruing to such third party websites policies and privacy. To protect our esteemed users of the website, we provide cookies to your drives.

With Whom the Information May be shared

For the regular transaction of business, be informed that we may give out some bit of your information to a third party. Such information that we can submit includes but not limited to your name, physical address, your mobile contacts, as well as an email address to enable them to reach you in regards to their products, services, offers or even promotions.

On the other hand, your permission to enable us to share your personal information such as email address with our affiliates, business cohorts as well as third parties would be very crucial. These parties may contact you through your email address or telephone number just to let you know of the offers, promotions or any other information they deem to interest you.

Your information is only unveiled in exceptional cases where we surely trust that sharing your information very crucial in your identification, contact or even brings to order an individual vexing to cause a wrong against our members or even other operators of our website. Finally, the different incidence where we can disclose your information is when it is pertinent to the law.

Choices you make about your information

Our organization will grant you the chance to opt-out of the collection of your discernible details, unambiguous use of your data and or any other marketing stuff in regards to the technique established by law. For instance, you have the right to decline or accept cookies just after modifying your browser setting. There are a good number of software databases that blocks cookies. Rejecting cookies may succeed in impinging or preventing your user's experience by merely jettisoning your personalization and other features.

Correcting or changing your data

At some points you may develop the urge to modify, erase, or even update the information you have provided or even that which we have collected about you. Please feel free to contact us through or via our telephone number +91 999999999.

Note that this only relates to the information that is individually distinguishable and was collected through our website as opposed to those that are obtained to us through other means just as it is outlined in this Privacy and policy. We candidly take all it demands to ensure that we protect your information from access especially when we acknowledge that doing that is verboten by law or in the case where such an act would profane the rights of another.

Security Procedures

We cherish all our prospective website users, and for that reason, we are as well much anxious about their security especially for the personalized distinguishable information. To avoid any scrutiny of your information by unauthorized personnel, we give safe broadcasts of your information from your personal computer to our servers. In some communications especially for the surety of our website, we use secure sockets layer (SSL) tools to protect the transmission of information.

While we struggle very much to protect your information on our website, it's crystal clear that we cannot warranty the protection of any data transferred over the internet.

The only way to help each other overcome this challenge is to ensure you keep your password secret even as we likewise struggle to protect your account. Not at any given moment should you disclose your password to anyone. You need to take proper precaution, especially when using computers that you do not possess whether for a friend or maintaining public setting. Ensure you don't save your password or even leave some information that might lead to access to your account on the computers as this may cause you significant problems.

Changes in Terms

We have the rights to modify this privacy policy at any given time. In the process, we may change the current date indicated at the launch of this privacy policy.

Pertinent laws

Our gathering and data usage are regulated by the acts of the United States.

Disclaimer of Warranties

You at this moment epitomize and guarantee that

  • You possess all the authority, privileges and consent to provide the materials and warranty the permission outlined in these expressions.
  • The elements are precise, present and comprehensive.
  • The documents together with your use of the website shall not trespass other people’s rights.
  • The materials coupled with your usage of the site shall not violate the laws.
  • Your website usage shall not infringe the contracts between you and the third parties.

Limitations of Liability

You explicitly understand and accept that 92 Agents offers amenities by an ‘As-Is' as well as ‘As-Available basis.'

The data given by the service is considered right but 92 Agents cannot warrantee its efficiency.


You accept to indemnify 92 Agents together with its employees not forgetting its affiliates regardless of the claims being based on guarantee breach, tort claim, contract or any other. We are not responsible for any injury resulting from performance failure, service failure among others.

Pixel tracking

We put into practice some simple skills known as ‘pixel tracking' mainly to evaluate the functionality of promotions as well as publication. The system also gathers cumulative usage data. This technology involves the use of pixel tags consisting of some tiny lines of computer coding.


Through using our Website as well as giving an individually distinguishable data about yourself, you, are therefore in agreement of:

  • Our gathering as well as the distribution of data as outlined in this policy
  • The warning, selection, entrance, and protection we are giving
  • Ways we have described in drawing your attention to the modification of this privacy policy.